Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Two Nations Divided by a Common Dress Size.

I have been 'sew' busy making a Jane Austen dress for my daughter! But - oh, no! - there's a 2-inch gap at the back! Now, I know she's a size 12 (I'm not jealous, really!) and the pattern says it's Size 12, but I really think a Size 10 girl would have trouble with this one!

Maybe '12' in the US is '10' or '8' over here. What's annoying is I always cut a bit large, and stitch a bit narrow, to make sure there's enough 'give.' Never mind, I can patch it, but it's rather annoying! Hopefully it'll be done by tomorrow and I can post a piccy!

I hope you're all doing well!

luv, Mags x


Macpurp said...

oh , it is a long time since I was a 12!
can't wait to see pics, your daughter is so lucky to have such a clever mum!
love teen x

Jules said...

Hi Mags

You might be right in the sizing.

Back in the days when I stitched as much as I now make cards I always had to made a size bigger than I was.

I am beginning to think I was never a size 12. I think I went from a skinny flat-chested kid to a busty 14 overnight LOL!!

Hope you manage to make the creation fit .. .. !!

What a lovely Mum you are to go to all this trouble.

Love Jules xx

Anonymous said...

She is the best mother in the whole wide world, that is for sure <3!