Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Another ballerina birthday card!

My darling husband came home last night with a box of chocs! No, they weren't for me, they were for one of his work colleagues and he needed me to wrap it. He's not very good at wrapping, even a nice square box of chox.

I said what any of you guys would: 'Have you got her a card?' By his expression I knew he'd forgotten. So I made a THIRD card yesterday - a record! I used up the leftovers from the twins' cards.

Sorry the pic is so blurry, it was about 11pm. The sketch is a simplified version from Sketch Saturday

DH leaves work early, so he'd gone when I got up. Guess what I saw on the bookcase, in full view may I add?

Yes, the present and the card.

I had to laugh, it is so typical! What a sil-ly Bil-ly!

My, there are dark grey clouds in the West - it looks as though we'll have a fair bit of rain tonight. Thanks for looking!

luv, Mags x


the crafty duck said...

Hi Mags, love these cards, the ballerina is gorgeous and yoru papers are fab, lots of love Steph

Jules said...

Hi Mags

Bless .. .. he was obviously leaving whilst still "half asleep".

I wonder if you will get to eat the chocolates now? LOL!!

Great card by the way.

Love Jules xx