Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Thank you!

I am so grateful for all your lovely wishes for my daughter Sacha, and for your words of encouragement. Thank you, it makes a world of difference!

love Mags B x


Sharon said...

Only just read about your daughter Mags. I am so sorry. It is going to be a tough time for you all and my thoughts and wishes are with you.
Hugs Sharon. x

Anonymous said...

*hugs* to you both wishing you all the best

Darnell said...

I just stopped by to see if you had an update on your daughter, Mags. I'm so sorry to read the diagnosis, but pleased that the prognosis is very good. That's the balance we like to see in a "bad news/good news" scenario!

If you would like cards, or you think she would like cards, please email me (on my profile page) your address. It seems such a small thing to do, but I know when I've had health issues (WAY more minor than this!), it was always a boost to get mail.

I'll keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Darnell