Friday, 17 May 2013

Thank you!

You guys are THE BEST! Thanks so much for your good wishes and encouragement for my daughter's biopsy! We both really appreciate your kindness!

much love, Mags B x


Anonymous said...

Take Care, Thinking of you both, xoxo

Sue said...

Gorgeous card Mags. I love the image and beautiful colours.
I hope you have a good Sunday
hugs Sue xx

Dianne said...

Hey Woman :O)..
Thanks for stopping by, I sure wish I could get your post in my mail XX()()..
I never have time to go to bloglovin.
Sooo anywho,you've colored Annabelle beautifully, elegantly framed,the butterflies look lovely 3D, with the gorgeous bow, it's GRRRREAT:). Thanks for sharing my dear.. On to the next one, getting caught up:)