Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Crafts are apparently no longer 'creative' in the UK

I'm sorry, usually I avoid anything remotely political on this blog (I save the rants for Facebook lol!) but this distresses me. Apparently Crafts are no longer considered part of the 'creative industries.'

There is an official petition, if you'd like more info. Have a read of it and see what you think.

Clicking on the link only takes you to the petition, if you want to sign you have to do it separately.


I apologise to anyone who thinks this is inappropriate, please ignore it in that case!

love Mags B x


Sheila said...

How sad :( signed petition and will get this copied to my blog once I am on pc Mags. X

jem (jane elizabeth middleton) said...

very strange, must look into this !
Hi Mags hope your well.

Lynne in NI said...

Hadn't heard that crafts are no longer creative, mind you, nothing this government decrees surprises me any more. Petition duly signed, thanks for the link!

Elizabeth said...

I'm stunned! What are they, if not creative! Elizabeth xx

Dianne said...

Well I think this is crazy, I tried to sign but being a Canadian I can't but I have facebooked and hopefully they can go and sign, I also sent it to my DS living in England, and she to can pass it around. Thanks my dear for letting us know, IT'S CRAZY...